Saturday, September 8, 2018

HiTi Prinhome P461 Printer Driver Download

HiTi Prinhome P461 Printer Drivers. HiTi The Prinhome P461 is just as the name suggests, a home photo printer. Prinhome = Print at Home. Absolutely common photos of the highest quality in size 10x15 cm - the way we want them in the photo album. The photos are printed directly from a smartphone with a free app for Android and iOS, and you can choose to print the image as it is or edit to change something - directly in the Printer and Smartphone app "Talk" to each other via Wi-Fi or NFC. And nothing is as easy as charging the printer with color and paper. It's actually so simple that it does not require any instruction. A fresh and finished skiing Print from smartphone, memory card or computer. Because the Prinhome P461 can print directly from a smartphone, really no more than printing and photo paper. It's just getting started. If the pictures are placed on a memory card, it is just as good. The P461 has a USB port for easy connection to a card reader. Then, you control the print from the app, and then print the photos from the memory card instead of the ones in the phone. There is even a card reader for SD card included in the package. And of course, you can also print photos from a computer, otherwise there would not be a separate photo printer at home. Install drivers in the computer and plug in the supplied USB cable and it is ready to print. after birth stomach Photos present in the future.

HiTi Prinhome P461 Driver Download

The HiTi Digital Inc. is a company that specializes in doing just one thing - but doing well. With its own product development and production, the company has long been a leader in the field - so good that other big companies rely on HiTi Digital Inc. to produce "their" printers and photo papers. The images are printed with a technology called Dye-Sub, in which every little pixel gets the real and true color as it should. The result is clear and clear images with the right color depth, shine and sharpness.
All images are also printed with something called "overcoating", a protective layer that keeps the images well into the future. And they can withstand fingerprints, moisture, etc. In other words - the pictures in the photo album are left alive after the mobile phone has given up. HiTi Prinhome P461 is therefore the safest way to keep memories. Because the Prinhome P461 is a true photo printer, it can do more than "just" print the photos as they are. You can initially choose whether you want blank prints or rmatte. In addition, in the Prinhome app, you can do many things. Let's just name a few: Crop - Change contrast, shine, color matching and color balance - choose color or monochrome - print collage, that is, with multiple images in different sizes on the same photo paper.

HiTi Prinhome P461 Printer Driver Download


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